Our Tutors

Carson Tomalty

(Mr. Tom)        

BScH, BEd, GDE/PMEd (Candidate)

Tutoring Grades 1-10 

Hello, my name is Carson Tomalty. I am currently in my fourth year of teaching. I have a passion for physical fitness and the great outdoors, and when I'm not in the classroom or coaching, you can find me hiking, swimming, skiing, or spending quality time with my family. 

I am originally from Invermere, British Columbia, but I attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, where I am currently remotely completing my Master's in Inclusive Education (formerly known as Special Education) and Education Administration. 

My values of education are centred around experiential and inclusive learning. I believe all students should have access to equitable and inclusive education that allows them to develop as individuals. I foster an inclusive classroom by providing various means of engagement, representation, and assessment to cater to the diverse learning needs of my students.